I Believe

Well I woke up again today……………..shit!  Seriously, why can’t I just not wake up – because that would be too easy.  

What to you believe in?  Somedays I don’t know what I believe in. 

Every notice the word “lie” falls right in the middle of beLIEve?  Coincidence?  I think not! 

I believe……………………………

  • A baby can’t fake a laugh.
  • Mother Nature is a Rock Star.
  • The Media decides what is a story and what isn’t.
  • When someone talks ill of someone else or gossips about someone else it is only to make themselves feel better and I believe these people are assholes.
  • Saying less is more.
  • Men only want to get laid and will say / do just about anything to get it.
  • There should be rehabs & detox centers where people can go to quit smoking and the tobacco companies should foot the bill.
  • I am slowly committing suicide everyday.
  • The ocean is probably one of the most powerful forces in nature and the most beautiful.
  • In conspiracies.
  • A woman is lying when she says “it satisfies me to see him satisfied” as in giving him a blowjob and you get nothing in return……………I think not.  If I give you an orgasm I better get one in return.
  • Sometimes you have to forgive someone (but never forget) if you want them to remain in your life.
  • The full moon really does mess with people.
  • I have the right to own a gun and know how to use it and I do.
  • The cancer is back and I am choosing to ignore it – for now anyway.
  • There isn’t one person on this earth who likes the dentist or going to wakes/funerals.
  • Pain can sometimes be pleasurable.
  • I am addicted to opiates.
  • Holidays are over commercialized and I choose not to celebrate them anymore.
  • Organized religion is just an organized cult.
  • Some doctors think they are God.
  • There isn’t just one God…………….there are many.  Actually I don’t know if “God” is the appropriate word.
  • That sometimes modern technology is evil and I can live without it.
  • The television sucks.
  • In not weighing myself.  It’s a number people – just a number.
  • Sleep, sleep & more sleep.  Sleep is healing vapors to the soul.
  • Silence is golden.
  • In sincere hugs and holding hands.
  • In letting go.
  • In keeping my house in order (blahahahaha.)
  • Tomorrow is another day (blahahaha.)
  • In “me” time motherfuckers.
  • That money is the root of all evil – o.k. maybe not all but certainly most.
  • Relationships – any relationship – be it friend, family, lover is hard fuckin’ work.
  • In writing people off and out of my life.
  • Spending money – donating money – you can’t take it with you.
  • In discretion.
  • In paying it forward every chance I get.
  • In breaking rules and making new ones.
  • Doctors take educated guesses and like anytime someone guesses they can be wrong.
  • I allow people to use me.
  • People mistake my kindness as a weakness – think again people.
  • Just about everyone is out for themselves.
  • I am slowly but surely losing my mind.
  • That I can probably bullshit my way through any situation if I choose to.
  • There is probably a reason I do not remember most of my childhood.
  • In mutual respect.  You got to give it to get it jerks.
  • Opiates don’t block the pain they just make you not give a shit.
  • I can tolerate just about anything while high.
  • The majority of the time people don’t know I am high.
  • Society puts too much emphasis on a person’s looks and the media plays a HUGE part in this.  It is a small miracle more people are not fucked up because of this.
  • People should pick up after their dogs when they shit on the sidewalk, street, park, etc…
  • In making my bed everyday.
  • In art – of all kinds.
  • Sometimes (o.k. a lot of the time) people think because I choose not to say something that I don’t know or understand when it is just the opposite motherfuckers.  I choose not to say something for a reason ….. think about it.
  • I started this blog because it is the beginning of the end.

I believe I am writing this so I can put off starting my day a little longer.  And so – I guess I should start my day considering the drugs have kicked in and now I can function.  I haven’t worked a 9-5 job in over 24 years and I have no intentions of doing so anytime soon.  Oh I work – don’t get me wrong – you wouldn’t believe what I do for a living!!  But the jobs I have had aren’t the 9-5’ers – 9-5’ers are too boring, too strict, too mundane for me.  I actually admire people who can do it – I just can’t.  And I admit that having not worked for “the man” for years is making it hard to work for “the man” if I ever had to go back to the 9-5’ers.  I probably won’t ever go back there anyway – like I said – it’s the beginning of the end. 









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