Sad Really

Time for round two – the drug has worn off and I need more.  Could feel it about 2/3rds of the way through my morning adventure.  Shit!  So, I am home, making a late lunch and getting my fix.  Shit!  I could feel my mood change, my body tense, my mind race.  I could feel it in every pore, in every nerve, in every inch of my body.  The sweat starting pouring off my face and I was getting bitchy towards people.  I needed to get home – I need it to kick in damn it.

I am ignoring the telephone and emails (fuckin technology – fuckin work – and fuck the man I have been having an affair with for over a decade) while the frozen pizza (how pathetic) cooks in the oven and the new earrings made from recycled glass and suppose to be hypoallergenic are irritating my ears (lying bitch who sold them) – waiting for the drugs to kick in.

Sad really – Don’t ya think?


Wish it was this easy to get it!

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