It’s NOT all about ME

You guessed it………….I woke up.  Wednesday is the only day of the week I have to get up to an alarm.  Wednesday is the only day I have to think of someone else other than me.   Wednesday is the only day that really is a crap shoot – It will either be a good day or a bad day and it is not up to me.

I believe………………

  • That the majority of the time a man’s car is an extension of his penis.
  • You become a police officer for one of two reasons.  You either have a sincere want to help people or you were picked on when you were a kid and now you are going to get revenge.  I believe the majority fall into the latter category.
  • In living simply.
  • Recycling.
  • I spend way too much money on drugs.
  • If there wasn’t addictions to drugs and alcohol that our nation’s jails and prisons would be next to empty.  That 95% (maybe even higher) of the crimes are committed by people who are either under the influence or they are looking for money to purchase drugs or alcohol.
  • In blending in.
  • My body is slowly failing me and I wish it would hurry up.
  • Some people feel so righteous about something that they totally close their minds to the thought there might be another way to do something.
  • That if my house is an order than my life will be in order and that can’t be further from the truth.


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