Flatline or Deadline

ImageThere isn’t a big difference between these two photos.  Seriously!  I have no one to blame except myself………………..with Monday’s deadline looming and still not having it complete.  If I don’t meet the DEADLINE I will FLATLINE – or so it feels.  Today is devoted entirely to completing this project even if I have to stay up until Monday.  I don’t care (I do care) how many telephone calls I have to make, how many questions I have to get answers to, how many people I have to cry to – it is getting done.  Sometimes I feel so stupid – not being able to concentrate – not having a clear enough head to get things done – so tumblr_mjx0r55f9d1qzxzwwo1_500_largestupid.  Yet, I am still sitting here waiting for the cobwebs to clear – the A.D.D. medication to kick in so I can hopefully get it done.   I feel panic and anxiety but what else is new.  I pray to a God I don’t believe it – I make deals with a Devil I don’t believe in.  I wish I just had someone to take my hand – to guide me – to show me the way – a life coach?  Is that what they are called?  A savior?  The song, Ramble On by Led Zeppelin keeps playing my head, “Now’s the time – the time is now.”

Waaa Waaa Waaa – bitch bitch bitch – moan moan moan – groan groan groan – blah blah blah – Shit I just need to do it!!!!!!!!

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