I HATE THE MEDIA!  It is the media who decides what is a story and what isn’t a story.  It is the media who decides for us what story will be told and what story will not be told.  And mind you – the media does not always get those stories right – misleading facts – false information – inaccurate reporting.

I HATE THE MEDIA – including television news shows, newspapers and magazines.  The media can make you or break you.  I believe reporters don’t have feelings.  They are dead inside.  They do not have emotions.  They will take the littlest bit of information and blow it all out of proportion.  The media has ruined people’s lives.

I HATE THE MEDIA – and the media knows they are a powerful force.  And they use that powerful force to cause unneeded controversy.  They write about or talk about what will get ratings and what will sell magazines or newspapers – not necessarily the truth – irregardless of who they hurt – who’s lives they have to destroy.

Don’t get me wrong I believe in the freedom of speech, freedom of the press and our first amendment.  But I also believe in being responsible, telling the truth and not intentional hurting someone.  I have witnessed first hand just how powerful the media can be – how it can seriously affect ones life.

And what about the people (we the people) who buy into this.  People who believe that just because they read it in the paper that it is true.  People who believe that because they heard it on the nightly news then it is true.  Are we just as bad?  I think it is ignorance for the most part.

I have been affected by the media more than I care to mention.

I have been extorted by the media – of course they don’t look at it as extortion.

I have been mislead, misquoted and mistreated by the media.

So to the media I say FUCK YOU!



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