Life In The Not So Fast Lane

I live in an apartment, on a busy street, in a big city.  My apartment building is old but has character.  There is no dish washer or

Beautiful spider web taken on one of my hikes.

Beautiful spider web taken on one of my hikes.

elevator but I have 10 foot high ceilings in my living room and views of the sunset that bring tears to my eyes.  I have always lived in the city – in apartments, in houses but always the city.

I am fortunate enough that I can hop in my car and drive 20 minutes either way – north, south, east or west and given the direction I chose I will end up at either the mountains, the ocean or countryside – and I love them all.  During my last move I told myself that if I had to live in the city I would bring the places I love to me.  My apartment is filled with shells, driftwood and stones so smooth from years of being turned in the ocean that I can stack them into small cairns and pine cones, rocks that sparkle with mica, a small basket filled with unusual and odd things I found during hikes to an array of what I believe to be wonderful photos of some of the most breath-taking sites I have ever seen.

Some of which I have posted here………………….you won’t find much personal information on this blog about me for I wish to remain anonymous but I believe sharing these photos will be ok.

It sits in the basket of small trinkets .....

It sits in the basket of small trinkets …..

There was a time that I couldn’t decide – couldn’t make up my mind – that if I could live anywhere I wanted where would it be.  Mountains?  Ocean?  Countryside?  Since getting cancer, being depressed and actively addicted to the drugs once meant to take the pain away I do not visit these places nearly as much as I want to – and I want to very badly.  I live vicariously through the photos I have taken in the past, searching Google for images of where I would want to be, in my dreams and by the small trinkets scattered around my apartment.  I long to go to these places and I do sometimes – in small intervals of time when I am physically and mentally capable of doing so.

I haven't kayaked once this summer.  :(

I haven’t kayaked once this summer. 😦

Lately, I have been putting a lot of thought into this – a lot of thought into where I would like to spend my last days.  I think I have decided on the mountains.  Maybe a little, simple A-frame house in the mountains close to or on a lake.  It doesn’t have to be big or extravagant – just enough space for me for I would want to spend as much time outdoors as I could.  I would hike my days away looking at beautiful things and searching for those small treasures to fill that little basket.  I would kayak & fish for hours and have a small garden.  And when it rained I would still hike and do those things but more than likely I would snuggle up on a comfy chair and read.  Reading takes me out of my own mind – out of my own head – and that helps.  And when it snows I would keep warm with a fire, build snow people, bake homemade breads and stews.

Maybe - someday.  This is not my photo but one from Google.

Maybe – someday. This is not my photo but one from Google.

At this time in my life I don’t know what the future holds or how much time I will have.  In the days coming I will know more and maybe I will be able to plan better but until then I am holding onto my dream.  My dream on living – not in the city – but in the mountains.


3 thoughts on “Life In The Not So Fast Lane

  1. And what a dream it is, wondrous thanks for sharing that particular thought…… Dreams are all that keep me going these days, my reality is miserable so dreams keep me waking up in the morning.
    Thanks again.

    • Thank you for reading it, understanding it and for however small it might seem……being there. I am sending positive thoughts and energy your way. Wishing you days filled with nothing but looking at beautiful things.

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