Sunday Blues

As I type I am sitting on the couch, covered in a blanket and not feeling too well.  I slept 12 hours last night and woke up feeling worse than when I went to bed.  It’s raining outside and I’ve got a little chill.  A little chill to the average person is o.k. – a little chill to a person whose immunine system is compromised could spell disaster.  I’ve got a pretty bad cough going on too – I guess that is to be expected after all it is lung cancer.  There I told you.

I’m feeling pretty lonely today – wish there was someone sitting on the couch with me.  They wouldn’t have to do much – maybe let me put my head on their lap, rub my back a little and maybe whisper some encouraging words.

No “public me” today thankfully.

Thinking of falling back to sleep.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Blues

  1. No Public You Today, Rest And Enjoy A Little TV, Close Your Eyes And Nap, Dream Forward Fear Not The Past…..Forward Ever Forwar, No Regrets… even now I sit here watching television in my garage.. waiting for the woman I love more than anything on this planet to tell me it is okay to come in the house…. and not one regret ever I would marry her again in a heartbeat I would marry her everyday….. and never once look back and regret

  2. Be happy and confident. You shall overcome all these pains. Rest in the laps of the divine because divine will take care of your pains and aches. Wishing you all the best..

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