Alarm Clock Wednesday – Part 2

Sitting on the couch sipping my 2nd cup of coffee waiting for the sun to rise and the caffeine to kick in.  It’s my day with Buddy and I’m hoping it’s a good one.   I just never know what kind day it will be.

As much as love this time of year with the cooler temperatures, colorful leaves, apple picking, hot apple cider and big warm sweaters it is also the time of year that my body clock starts to freak out.   For crying out loud I went to bed last night at 7:30.  My body thinks because it gets darker out earlier that it’s time to call it a day earlier.  I don’t particularly like getting up in the dark – weird.  I guess I shouldn’t bitch for all I know this could be the last fall season I see.  I should just be grateful I get up at all.

I have been searching the web for ideas on what Buddy and I will do today.  I’m usually much better prepared but I was just so tired last night – so out of it – all I wanted to do was sleep.  And sleep I did.

I have been good these past couple of days keeping my thoughts and attitude positive but I can feel my sadness this morning – I can feel the uncertainty – I don’t like it.



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