Changing Colors

Brrrrrrrrrrr…………..Autumn chill in the air as I have assumed the couch position (blanket & laptop) with the morning consumption of caffeine – waiting for the drugs to kick in so I can function for the day. Of course maybe I wouldn’t have a chill if I just shut my windows.  By mid day – when the sun has risen enough to come up over my building my apartment will heat up and I will have wished I had kept the windows open – works great in the Winter as my heating bill is minimal but in the Summer my electric bill is HUGE because I have to keep the A/C’s on all day.


Auburn, NH – Massabesic Lake Trail

Other than for one incident yesterday – Alarm Clock Wednesday went well.  We went for another hike among other things and while we were hiking a women with two large dogs was hiking in the opposite direction and the dogs where off their leashes.  Buddy is fine with dogs as long as they don’t go near him – well – these two dogs take off in a run right for Buddy and proceed to jump up on him.  The dogs were showing affection – they didn’t mean harm to him and I don’t now why they picked Buddy instead of me but Buddy starts screaming – I mean SCREAMING – I am trying to tell the dogs to “stop”, “sit”, “down” and Buddy thinks I am talking to him.  Buddy takes off running (and man he is fast) – I take off after Buddy – the dogs take off after both of us – and the owner of the dogs does shit.

I am not exactly in shape and add to that I do not have the lung capacity of a normal person by the time I caught up to Buddy I could barely breathe.  So, there I am gasping for breath, trying to calm Buddy down, trying to shoe the dogs away, afraid I had lost the car keys when I ran and the owner of the dogs is nowhere to be found.   By the time the owner catches up to us – she takes one look at Buddy and is mortified – she can’t apologize enough – she takes one look at me and asked if I was o.k. and what do I do?  I break down in tears!  Sopping like crazy!  The poor woman and Buddy just didn’t know what to make of me.  Now I am apologizing to the woman and Buddy.  What was a nice, peaceful, calming hike turned into a shit show.  It took Buddy a long time to recover and he wanted nothing to do with hiking after that.

There was a part of me that was really pissed at that woman for not having her dogs leashed and for (at the time) I thought ruining Buddy’s day as well as mine.  But that feeling didn’t last long and I realized it wasn’t worth getting upset about.  I really have to pick my battles wisely – in the grand scheme of things – in all that is happening in my life – this incident was minimal – nothing – a piece of cake.

New England is absolutely the most amazing place in the Autumn season.  Before the “dog incident” we had been collecting leaves and talking about the different colors.  Buddy loves colors!  When we got back to Buddy’s place towards the end of the day I still had those leaves and I remembered something.  So I got everything together that we would need to make them – and we made these!   Have you ever done this?  ImagePutting colorful leaves between two pieces of waxed paper and going over it with an iron until it adheres.  It was something I use to do when I was little – a youngster – with my mother.  We did a bunch of them and then we hung a couple in the windows of Buddy’s house.  I tried to pick the windows carefully – picked the ones I knew that got good sun because when that sun hits it right it really does look magical.  This picture does not do it justice.  You can see all the great colors he loves so much.  And I took a couple home with me and hopefully today sometime I will hang them in some of my windows.

I also found a trinket to put in that basket I talked about before.  A tiny purple bear!  The sun was catching it just so when it caught my eye and I thought to myself, “Well you didn’t bring the bear repellent but I guess you won’t need it with this bear!” and I laughed to myself.  1393880_10151778664698305_1036102952_nWhen I first saw it and the way the light was hitting it – I thought of my late sister.  But I will save all that for another post.

I’ve got to do the “public me” thing this afternoon and this evening.  I also have a lot of work to do to prepare for it  – a lot of work to catch up on in general.   And for some reason I am not too anxious about it right now – I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  I do know that I slept 12 hours last night.  Alarm Clock Wednesdays are long days and I guess my body is trying to take care of itself – even if I am not.


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