Today was very much a non productive day and I am feeling very much the loser.  The only thing I have been doing a good job at is beating myself up.  Too much thinking.  My mind is such a dangerous neighborhood to go … Mr. Rogers wouldn’t go there by himself.  I highly recommend NOT thinking as much as possible.

I – as usual – am sitting on the couch with way too many non prescribed drugs in my system and I am thinking of having an alcoholic beverage which will not exactly be a good mix – with the drugs or the thinking.  Oops too late – just poured it.

Tomorrow I am determined to be productive – to accomplish something even if it is just getting my sorry ass dressed.  I can’t do much more of this “pity party” stuff.

I’ve got the mother of all headaches and my bed is the place I will be soon.  Sleep  will bring relief from the pain and also the thinking.  Tomorrow is a new day……………………………………

3 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Wow a pitty party and I wasn’t invited………. I hope you at least had icecream….. Sorry for the rough day…. Don’t be hard on yourself, that’s what the rest of the world is for….. Some days waking up is a pretty big accomplishment

  2. addicts love making declarations. we are truly the king baby of our universes and won’t stop until our enablers pull the plugs on our resources or outlets. that day doesn’t come for most junkies.

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