This Blows………………..

I gave myself until noon when I finally got my ass off the couch and took a shower, did my hair, makeup and threw on the “winter bathrobe” as opposed to the “summer bathrobe” I have been wearing up until now.   I tried I really tried – it’s just not happening.  I made my bed and did the few dishes that were in the sink and attempted to do some work on the computer.  I tried I really tried – it’s just not happening. 

I am feeling weak, cold and oh so tired.  Bad cough, sore throat and oh so very tired. 

So, I have officially canceled the “public me” for tonight – thankfully everyone understood.

SEH called and asked if I needed anything – no thank you.   Friend called and asked if they could do anything – no, no thank you.

I am back on the couch in a new set of pjs, covered in a blanket and going the doctors tomorrow.  Ugh……….this really does blow.

2 thoughts on “This Blows………………..

  1. Oh little Miss Mess….. Don’t be so hard on yourself, I think all things considered missing a public day will be excused….. If not fuck’em hope you rest and feel better tomorrow… FYI Northface awesome score…… I carry Osprey and Arc’Terex….. Hope you get to hike the AT, if not a through hike than at least a few miles on it…… Anyways good night…. And remember, large doses of icecream…… Whenever possible

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