Today I am Complaining

  1. I broke down and turned the heat on.  As I type it is 42 degrees outside and my apartment thermostat was reading 54 degrees when I woke up this morning.
  2. Doc says I have a cold and just have to be careful.  The friend who I helped clean out their apartment also has cold.  I’ve been pretty miserable.   My friend feels bad – no worries.
  3. I did something to my ankle.  I don’t know what I did or when I did it.  It hurts – hurts when I walk – hurts when I put weight on it.  I am thinking maybe when I did a little hike with Buddy on Wednesday but I don’t remember.  So I am sitting here shrugging my shoulders and have my feet up.
  4. Other than for one “public me” event this week I cancelled all the rest – just too miserable.
  5. Only saw SEH at that one event – no other time.
  6. I don’t like the fact that the World Series is tied up and the Sox are playing in St. Louis – playing in St. Louis means playing by National League rules – now I think I just gave you a hint to what big city I live in.
  7. I have been neglecting my work – the “public me” work that brings me an income – I am very much behind in everything work related.  There is a part of me that just doesn’t care and there is a part of me that is freaking out.  I’m going to try to play catch up on the emails today.    Ugh.  I should have been born rich………….blahahahaha.
  8. My nails need to be done – badly!
  9. Why is it that when it becomes cool in the Fall – like today when the temperature is supposed to be in the mid 50’s we feel cold and start to bundle up BUT if this was the Spring and it hits 50 degrees we think it is awesome and start walking around without a coat?

So, there you have my complaints for the day.  I was hoping to get out and do a little hike today – I’m on a mission to find acorns for a project but as of now (9:38 a.m.) I don’t even want to get dressed but I am not ruling it out yet.  Back to the doctors next Friday unless I feel I need to go sooner.  Mornings seem to be the worse and I get better as the day goes on – then I am just so darn tired by nightfall that it’s been a solid 10 hours plus of sleeping at night for me.  My appetite is good and my attitude has been pretty good too…………..hahaha.

If the above complaints are the worse I have right now than life is going well.  I’m alive – I’m functioning (as best I can) and I am trying hard to stay the hell out of that bad neighborhood I call my mind.

One thought on “Today I am Complaining

  1. I can really relate to your post. It’s almost as if i could have written it myself (except for the nails; I keep mine trim by chewing on them like a gerbil). I’ve been neglecting my ‘public me’ work , too, both the paid work and the volunteer.

    I hope that even though you’re missing out on a hike (which might not be a bad thing, given your cold and your knee), that your day turns out to be rewarding. You gave me a lift by sharing your story. Thanks

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