The Holidays

The holiday season is upon us and I am extremely grateful I do not celebrate them anymore.  It hasn’t always been that way – like the majority of people I fell into that holiday trap and celebrated them like a pro – especially Christmas.   Tree, lights, decorations and endless hours of fighting crowds – shopping for the perfect gifts to be perfectly wrapped.  Huge dinners that took days to prepare and cost small fortunes.

Then something happened – life happened – it was like I woke up one day and something smacked me in the head and I finally woke up from a long holiday nightmare.

I still celebrate some holidays just not all holidays.  I still celebrate Thanksgiving but not Christmas.  I still believe in celebrating the 4th of July but not Easter.  And it is very rare for me to do anything special for those “Hallmark Holidays” as I call them – like Valentine’s Day, Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day.  They are just another day for me.  Something someone thought of to make money, to drive people crazy trying to find that prefect gift or card for.  Something someone thought up so that people can see who can out do who.  Something someone thought up for people who need a reason to drink – or spend money – or make money.  All religious holidays are out but I don’t have a problem with anyone who still celebrates them – that is their choice – more power to them.  I think most people (especially children) have lost the reason for a holiday like Christmas which has nothing to do with Santa and everything to do with Christ.  But this cowgirl can’t be bothered and let me tell you my stress level has dropped tremendously since I stopped.  I would highly suggest it to everyone.

So, what do I do on a day like Christmas when the majority of the world is celebrating it?  There have been times I have done absolutely nothing, there have been times I have volunteered to be with Buddy and there have been times I go to a friend’s house that just might be celebrating.  It really doesn’t matter what I do – I just know that I don’t miss the crowded malls, my credit card balance going up and the stress.

I am going to miss not spending Thanksgiving with my brother and his wife this year but I just can’t do it this year for a number of reasons – “public me” work and finances being two of them.  I know if I told my brother finances was one of them he would pay to fly me down there but I am not telling him.  So – I will have to give it some thought as to how I will be spending my Thanksgiving…………………suggestions anyone?

3 thoughts on “The Holidays

  1. Spend it with a close friend and their family?

    It may seem odd, but I have a friend out here who might join my boyfriend and I with his family for Thanksgiving.

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