I did way too many illegal drugs yesterday.  So much so that I will probably have to  make a run today.  I had to log on this morning to see if the post I made last night sounded o.k. – that is how fucked up I was.

I heard from BFF and there is a possibility of us getting together this weekend for a walk, tea or fire.  BFF & I use to sit in her backyard and build a fire all the time – we called it “fire therapy.”  We would sit around that fire for hours, sipping cocktails, toasting marshmallows or whatever BFF could find in her kitchen and talking.  Talking endlessly about anything and everything but mostly personal shit – shit we didn’t share with anyone else.  The night would usually end with me falling asleep on her couch because I just couldn’t drink & drive – and certainly not after taking all the drugs.  And I would awake in the morning to BFF’s smile.  I really miss her and our friendship.  I hope it works out that we do get together but I am not getting my hopes up.  I know our first time seeing each other will be awkward but I really don’t care – I just want her back in my life.  I have so much to share with her – shit I just don’t tell anyone else.

I am in my usual position but I am dressed and ready to head out the door.  I’ve got a boatload of business to tend to and I am determined to get it done.

One thought on “WOW

  1. Oh love, please do take care of yourself. You worry me sometimes! And I mean that in the most non-judgey way possible.

    I hope you and the BFF are able to salvage things… It’s so important to have that person in your life who you can just word/emotion vomit all over without worrying what they will think or without having to provide backstory because they just KNOW.

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