I Went To The Woods…………….


Walden Pond

I was up very early this morning unable to sleep for some reason….weird dreams.  Yup, I am in my usual position but will be getting my sorry ass up soon to get dressed and ready to go to the place pictured here.

I have been here dozens – maybe hundreds – of times before as it is only about a 20 minute drive away – everything is a 20 minute drive away – I am actually headed to a farm not far from Walden Pond which I have to pass to get there and plan on stopping there on the way back.  The day is supposed to be sunny and in the 50’s which is perfect.  I haven’t been to either place – Walden Pond or the farm – in a long long time – so I am looking forward to it.

I use to go there all the time – sometimes as much as 5 times a week  – be it to hike (great trails), swim (if you call what I do swim) or just sit my sorry ass down on the beach and chill.  Sunsets are wonderful there though it can be crowded, especially in the summer time as it is a huge tourist attraction.  This time of year, when the kids are back in school and before the holiday season is upon us it is the perfect time and I plan on making a day of it between the farm and pond.

I often wonder what I was in another life or what I will be in my next life.  I am positive I lived some place other than a big city and I am positive I was more involved with nature somehow.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

9 thoughts on “I Went To The Woods…………….

  1. 50 degrees is perfect weather. I’ll take a clear 50 degree day for a walk in the woods over doing anything in the summer. Fall is the best.

  2. I love a walk through the woods. The only thing that comes in second is the ocean… i too often wonder who I was in another life. I know there is a plan for me in this one, maybe I’m finally getting the idea.

    btw, have you ever read Brian Weiss’s “Many Lives, Many Masters” If not I highly recommend it. It’s not a new book, but can still be found on Amazon. People keep recommended it to friends and family so they keep making copies.

    • I have not read that book but I just saw online that the local library has it and I plan on picking it up tomorrow 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion…………love a good book

      • I couldn’t put it down till done. I’ve re-read it a couple times. I think you will find it interesting especially if you do believe in past lives.

      • Well I don’t know if I will be able to get out of the house today – not feeling well and it is snowing…………ugh. But I am going to read it for sure. Thinking of seeing if I can get it on my Nook.

      • Well feel better soon. I’m not sure if it is on nook being it’s a few years old (Pre-Nook). But it will be there when you can get it.

  3. you Suck……Me At Work…Temp A Nice Dry 245° But Hey It’s A Dry Heat…..Lol Hope The Woods Were Refreshing….

  4. Ah, I am jealous of your proximity to Walden Pond. I love Thoreau. You wouldn’t be able to tell from the fact that I’ve hardly gone outside in the last 24 hours but I promise there is some legit affection for him buried beneath my fear of the cold.

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