My Life’s a Movie……….

Not really but it certainly feels like it sometimes.

People around here always say, “If you don’t like the weather in New England just wait a minute.”  As I type it is snowing out – yup – snow.  Not much – flurries – oh what a difference a day makes.

I was going to tell you how my day went yesterday and I thought to myself “They are not going to believe me.” , “They are going to think I am crazy.” but I said to myself, “fuck it – tell them.” ……………so……………here goes.

Drove to the farm yesterday excited about the thought of being there again after a long time and looking forward to seeing the animals and picking up some fresh food.  Do you want to guess what they were doing?  Go ahead….guess!   Wrong………….they were filming a motherfucking Hollywood movie and Vince Vaughn was the star.  They tell me I can still walk around and see the animals and go to the green house but a lot of the farm was shut down for shooting.  At first I was kind of pissed.  Like who the fuck is Vince Vaughn to decide to film a movie on what might be the last visit to the farm for me?  Then – you know me – I have to choice my battles wisely – so I just went with the flow.


V V sitting down on the right hand side.


V V’s profile lower left – everyone else smiling at me – and some guy off to the side screaming at me to stop taking pictures. I flipped him off and walked away.

So, I spend some time walking around, watched them film the same freaking screen over and over again and then picked up an acorn squash, a tiny homemade apple pie (one of the things I like about this farm they sell these little tiny pies for 1 or 2 people) and some maple sugar candy.  I very rarely cook for myself – it is hard to cook for one.  But I cooked that acorn squash last night and ate the whole fucking thing…..ugh….mistake.

I stopped at Walden Pond on the way home but didn’t spend nearly as much time there as I would have liked to before it started to get dark.  Hopefully I will get there again.

I am not feeling well today – bad bad cough – my chest hurts – didn’t sleep to well.   Comes with the territory I guess.

Maybe I will do the big “do over” later this week and try visiting the farm and pond again.  Until then I am in my usual couch position, finished my morning coffee and contemplating calling the doctor to see if he can give me something for the cough.  Ugh.



4 thoughts on “My Life’s a Movie……….

  1. Sounds like the day wasn’t a total waste due to fucktard celebrities…..don’t get me started on my hatred of celebrities I go on for hours…… Anyway wish it could have been better and I truly hope you are able to make it there again….. I love places like that, there is a little town in Arizona called Strawberry, neat place to visit very soothing for a mind, there is however one thing missing from a trip to a place like that… Come on you know, think about it, work with me, stop guessing……….wait for it, wait for it… ………………………………………………..ICECREAM ! Fuck I miss icecream……..

      • Diabetic….. You can find sugarfree everything, you can even find no “sugar added” icecream…. But lactose is a tough form of sugar to digest…. I keep it managed well with diet and exercise as well as the daily oral pill, I do splurge once in while on a very special occasion, but I used to be an icecream junkie, only the best… Oh well we all have our little crosses to bear don’t we…. Lol

  2. Well it is too cold here for ice cream but I would certainly want it if I was working in 245 degree “dry” heat. LOL I am impressed that you take your diabetes seriously and you are doing what you need to do to control it. Is it something that ran in your family? I know people who just don’t take it seriously and the consequences are insane – then again “my friend” so is smoking and having lung cancer. But I don’t think I ever claimed to be total sane. lol

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