Addicted to Bigfoot………wtf

Man oh man it is cold out today………………………27 chilly degrees as I type.  Physically and mentally I am feeling pretty shitty and I considered not going with Buddy today but I am sucking it up, I am dressed, I am in my usual position waiting for the drugs to kick in and going to give it my best try.  I just might have to drag him to the doctor’s office with me………..we will see.

I painted a little yesterday which I enjoyed and I slept really well last night which I haven’t done in a couple of nights.  I cursed the alarm clock this morning.  I slept so solidly that it didn’t take much effort to make my bed this morning…………it looked like I hadn’t moved at all during my sleep.

Because I have such an addictive personality I am now addicted to Pod Casts.  Does anyone listen to this things?  There is a fucking pod cast for everything……….I mean everything – do it yourself, latest news, sex, paranormal, sports, wine, dating, drugs, affairs – seriously everything.   Maybe I should start a “Hot Mess” pod cast.  I bring one up on my iPad when I get into bed and let it play as I fall asleep.  I set the timer for it to turn off after the episode is over and usually I don’t make it through an episode.   Last night I listened to one about Bigfoot……….it totally scared the shit out of me and I stayed awake through the whole thing.  I am not ashamed to admit it scared the shit out of me.  It was nuts!

O.K. I am off to give today my best try.  Peace out.

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