Final Resting Places……………..

I know this might sound weird to some people but Buddy & I spent a good part of the day at Sleepy Hollow Graveyard.  Buddy likes graveyards – they are quiet, there aren’t a lot of people around (well people who are noisy anyway) and  Buddy would walk for days if I let him.  And I must confess I dig graveyards myself – no pun intended.  He damn near wore me out with a hike we took after our little graveyard trip.  Anywho – I picked this graveyard because there are a lot of famous people buried there and it seemed only fitting to visit Thoreau’s resting place after visiting Walden Pond the other day.

Here are some pictures which I would like to share especially with my new blogging buddy Aussa Lorens a.k.a. Hacker, Ninja, Hooker, Spy.

It’s been a pretty good day and I am exhausted.  Looking forward to my bed and snuggling with my iPad and maybe another scary Podcast.


Louisa M. Alcott
Someone had left a book at the grave along with a pen.
I wonder if they thought she would sign the book?


Nathaniel Hawthorne
Who was really hot in his day.


The Thoreau Family


Henry David Thoreau’s grave.
I got goosebumps when I knelt down and
looked at all the little mementos people had left from all over the world.


Ralph Waldo Emerson
need I say more…………..


Ephraim Wales Bull
Not exactly a famous novelist or poet but he did
develop the concord grape in 1849


I don’t know if you will be able to see
but this place has some pretty awesome
people buried here


And last but certainly not least.



8 thoughts on “Final Resting Places……………..

  1. Like the two of you I love visiting cemeteries. I find them actually quite peaceful. Sometimes I pack a lunch, an umbrella chair, a a good book or journal depending how I’m feeling. I mostly visit my mom’s grave. I found this extremely interesting. Thank you for sharing it. 🙂

  2. Love it, and am so jealous.
    Girl, my next week is ALL ABOUT CEMETERIES. Like, for real. Don’t know where all this progress was during Halloween but now that we are heading towards Christmas my work is turning nice and morbid. Maybe I should write about it.. not sure.. but yeah, I’ll be doing lots of grave walking. No Thoreau or Hawthorn though, dang!

  3. Its weird that I am just reading this. I now live near a national cemetery and took my new camera out the other day after taking the kids to school and took some pics. I decided its much better to do so out of the car lol. I am not one for cemeteries but there is something about this one. Maybe b/c most of them are soldiers from way back when and their families too. I plan to go back check out the old graves and get better panoramic shots.

    • I would love to see some photo Nichole. I love cemeteries. I know that sounds weird but we have some of the most historical and beautiful ones around here.

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