I THINK I’M SICK…………Part 4

Flashback Thanksgiving Day 2010

Thanksgiving Day my head started to clear and I realized a couple of things.  The first was the site of the surgery hurt like hell and secondly ALL MY JOINTS – EVERY FUCKING JOINT IN MY BODY – WAS NOT HURTING ME!   I didn’t know if I should cry or laugh.  Doctor “Stick up his ass” told me the surgery went well – there were no complications and he would have the results in about 10 days.  He also said I should expect my hospital stay to be about a week – they would manage my pain and I should consider getting out of bed.  Though I didn’t get out of bed that day my head was clear enough to turn on my cell phone and sit up a little.

Hello Morphine Drip………………….with that little lovely button you hit when you feel you need more.  What I learned about that was you don’t necessarily get morphine everytime you hit the button but the number of times you hit the button does tell the doctors if they need to adjust your medication.  So, like any good addict and someone who has a high tolerance to drugs I hit the button a lot.  I remember laying in my hospital bed watching the New England Patriots play the Detroit Tigers on Thanksgiving Day, hitting the drip button, eye balling the food the hospital called a “Thanksgiving Dinner”……..yuck and getting a telephone call from another hospital.

Something happened with KK and because I was her health proxy I got a call.  Of course they didn’t know I was in another hospital recovering from lung surgery and I told them I would try to get a hold of another sister who could come over and help.  I never felt so fucking helpless before and “other older sister” was just being a complete shit.  It will be a Thanksgiving I will never forget.  Long story -short – “other older sister” reluctantly went over to the other hospital and took care of what needed to be done.

I spent a week in the hospital (I originally didn’t want to be affiliated with) recovering nicely.  I learned I am allergic to Dilaudid though I don’t remember it the BFF said I was in a kind of psychotic state – and the medical professionals agreed with her.  By day 5 I was sitting in a chair – by day 6 the urinary catheter was out and I was going the bathroom on my own – by day 7 I was getting a little bit antsy and wanted “out” – by day 8 I found someone to drive me home.

All I had to do now was wait for the reports to come back from the lab and I would know what my future was going to hold.

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