The Walking Stick & My Friend

If you think I am in my usual position consisting of couch, coffee, blanket and laptop you are correct.  I slept late this morning – late for me.  It is weird how one night I can sleep a solid 12 hours and barely move in my sleep and then there are nights like last night where I toss and turn and sleep like crap.  I feel like someone hit me with a sledge-hammer right in the middle of the chest.  Cough, cough, cringe, cringe.  Sipping my coffee waiting for the drugs to kick in.

Lately when I go for a hike I usually end up picking up a stick to help me along because the ankle/foot is still killing me and gives out every once in a while.  A couple of weeks ago I kept the stick I had picked up, brought it home, took the bark off of it, sanded it down a little and started to paint it.  When I was with Mini Me the other day I told her I was “pimping my stick out” which she thought was hysterical.  Anywho – I have been working on the stick for a couple of weeks and it is still not finished.  It stands – I think – a little over four feet and when I am done I will put a top coat on it of some kind to seal it.  I am digging the way it is coming out.


My walking stick

Mr. Sweetwater left me the most beautiful comment the other day – true or not – it brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face.  When I started this blog I had no idea people would actually read it let alone comment on it.  I also didn’t think I would connect with anyone.  If you think about it – the internet is easy to hide behind – makes it easy for people to say things they might normally not say in person – I keep thinking of all those teenagers out there being bullied on here.  I am happy to say I have not experienced that and since starting this blog I have made some connections (however small they may be) with what I believe to be some pretty great people.

What Mr. Sweetwater had no way of knowing is the whole longitude and latitude thing has a special meaning for me (that goes back years.)  It was something I had been thinking about for some time and I have been contemplating having one of these made (picture below.)  I first saw them on a search I did years ago when the whole longitude / latitude thing happened.  I wanted something to remember it by and now I think I will but I think I will be putting a whole new set of coordinates on it.


Something like this………


or this……….

I don’t know why Mr. Sweetwater and I connected the way we did.  I know we both like hiking and painting.  I know we share some points of view.  But the comment he left me meant more to me than he will probably ever know.  I don’t think I will ever be able to explain it here.  But I want him to know how very much it meant to me and I just know that if we knew each other in “real life” he would be a friend and not an acquaintance – and hopefully he will know what I mean by that.

I thank you Mr. Sweetwater from the bottom of my heart.

6 thoughts on “The Walking Stick & My Friend

  1. Good Morning! The thing with you and mrsweetwater is fantastic! But most of all I’m writing to say I love what you did with your walking stick. You are perseverance…

  2. I am touched…. I do things out of reaction, I think I do things that I would like to think somebody might one day do for me, I started my blog so that I could live forever, knowing that at some point in time somebody might read it, and might wonder what kind of person I was, and that somebody that says things actually exists, the internet will be as forever as I could ever imagine….. I use my blog as a place so that the world would know how much I love my wife, and a way to vent some of this frustration that I have with her disease….. I have learned something in the past year, fear is real….. and my mind is much darker than I ever could have imagined…. I am glad that made you smile… and by the way the walking stick looks cool

      • Yes….friend. I hope your day is as nice as you are. I admire the fact you are so supporting of your wife and what she is going through – what you are all going through. And I am grateful for your honest and heartfelt blog posts and comments. And maybe someday a walking stick will come your way. It’s taking me a lot longer to paint it than I first thought it would. I’m off for my day with Buddy.

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