I’ve been wide awake since 4:30 A.M. for no particular reason other than for I fell into a turkey coma around 9:00 P.M. last night and I figured my body has had enough sleep.  I am wondering if a leftover turkey sandwich is appropriate breakfast food.  Then again it is not like my life and my life choices have ever been appropriate.  I was never one to believe you could only have eggs for breakfast and steak for dinner.  Actually I love to have “breakfast food” for dinner.

I am watching the movie Awakenings on the idiot box – I have never seen it before and I am finding it fascinating – really fascinating – extremely fascinating.

Thanksgiving at Mini Me’s went well – I laughed a lot – I ate a lot – I swore a lot.  I love swearing!  Came home with a full belly and multiple Tupperware type containers filled with yummy leftovers.  It was good to see some people I haven’t seen in a long time and I got my adorable 2-year-old fix.  This 2-year-old can be the best non prescribed drug therapy for me.

My days are starting to blend into each other and it actually took me a few minutes to figure out what day of the week it actually was – which kind of scared me.  I would like to get a couple of things accomplished today like an oil change and picking up a couple of things at the art supply store but the thought of crowds and traffic are not very appealing to me right now.  I have the feeling it will be a day filled with nothing much but me on the couch with my blanket and laptop.  But really who knows – I never know what day will bring or where I will end up.

A feeling of melancholy just came upon me – a feeling on loneliness – I am suppressing the tears to the point my eyes and cheek bones are starting to hurt.  It literally came out of nowhere – or did it.  This is when I wish I could express myself better.  This is when I go through the “why me!” thing in my head.  This is when the drugs help me not to give a shit.  Maybe I should just try to go back to sleep.


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