Memory – August 2012


The field out back of the B&B

Leaving early on a Saturday morning and scheduled to come home the evening of the next day  – in the course of that small time frame the BFF & I managed to visit an animal reserve, take 3 hikes, had front row seats to a record-breaking rain storm and witnessed one of the best shows ever put on by Mother Nature.


The view looking the other way as I stand in the field

The BFF & I had been planing this for some time.  We didn’t want to miss out on what could be the biggest meteor shower of our lifetime.  After driving north and entering the quaint little town we were staying in we decided to have a late lunch / early dinner and randomly picked a restaurant.  Got great seats right next to the huge picture windows overlooking a the whole town and the lake it sat on.   As we were eating the clouds moved in, the sky opened up, the rain poured down at a record-breaking rate, thunder boomed, lighting struck all around us and the town lost its electricity – including the little restaurant we were in.   The BFF looked at me with a kind of sad look in her eyes and there I was – ever the positive person – saying it’s going to pass, it’s going to pass and the sky will clear up – the sky will clear up.  It’s going to pass and we will see the meteor shower.  But in all seriousness between the lighting and thunder and being in a restaurant that just lost their electricity it wasn’t exactly encouraging.


Following the BFF

By the time we finished eating – by candle light – not only was the sky clearing up but a beautiful rainbow filled the sky.  We still had a couple of hours of daylight left and the meteor showers weren’t scheduled to start until around midnight.  So, the BFF & I decided on a hike.  Now the last time the BFF & I ventured into the woods just before sunset we got lost – hopelessly lost for 4 hours – that was the Super Moon hike that is best saved for another blog post.  This hike was recommended by the B&B owners and we found the trail with no problems.  Sprayed ourselves down with bug repellent and headed in.  Sometimes I wonder what the fuck I or in this case we were thinking – we weren’t dressed appropriately, we weren’t familiar with the area – the only thing we had going for us was the B&B owner knew where we were going.   It was fine  – even if I lost my footing going over a downed tree that covered a marsh and ended up knee-deep in swamp – even if the BFF got hung up on another downed tree and her then white shorts were now black and extremely wet – even if regardless of the bug repellent we were being eaten alive –  even if the BFF had to use her cell phone light and I had to use the flash on my camera to get us out of there .  It was one of those times where we both breathed a sign of relief when we found the path out.

We ushered in the new day flat on our backs on top of a sleeping bag in the middle of a field watching Mother Nature give us her own private fire works show.  It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.  There were so many that I got a sore neck jerking my head around trying not to miss any.  At one point at about 1:30 A.M. the owners of the B&B came out to check up on us, offered us a flashlight (which we gladly excepted) and a glass of wine (which we politely declined because we were sipping our own cocktails we brought from home) and asked us to kindly lock the back door which they would leave open for us.  They spent a few minutes with us watching the sky and they were just as amazed as we were.  Having a meteor shower with no moon doesn’t happen all that often and I am glad the BFF and I decided to take some time out of our busy lives to do this.


Morning lake hike


The BFF sitting on one of the rocks at the gorge

Working on a couple of hours of sleep the BFF & I – on another recommendation by the owners  –  headed out for a small “before breakfast” hike around one of the lakes.  It was one of the most beautiful hikes I have ever taken – boy the owners certainly knew the territory well.  Back at the B&B for a healthy breakfast where the owners sat down with us to chat.  They ended up being one of the nicest couples I have ever met – originally from the City I live in now before they gave up their careers, sold their stuff and purchased this B&B (my heroes) – we had a lot to talk about.  At one point the BFF & I  mentioned maybe taking in one more hike before heading back home – maybe someplace along the way and one of the owners broke out a map and pointed out to us all the places we could go from there to home.  They really were a great couple and it saddened me recently to hear that they had the B&B up for sale.  Makes me wonder what happened – why they were selling – where they were going.  It also make me wish I had the money to purchase it.


Mica mica and more mica

After bidding our farewells to Jan & Paul the BFF & I headed about 45 minutes northwest of where we were for our third hike in 2 days.  A beautiful hike bringing us to a gorge so magnificent that the photos I took just didn’t do it justice.  Hiking back out the BFF came across a rock half buried in the dirt that shined so brightly with mica that we spent a good 20 minute digging with our hands to get the rock out of the ground.  She was determined to get it out and have it for her classroom – she’s a teacher.  We got that rock out and cleaned up and it does sit in her classroom today.

I am amazed at the energy I had a little over a year ago.  How I could hike for days – stay up all night – just sucking in the beauty Mother Nature gave us.  Now as I sit on my couch my upper back hurts badly, I lost any energy I might have had earlier today and as the clock is about to strike 8:30 I am ready for bed – a far cry from a year ago.  I told myself that if I do not feel better tomorrow morning I will go to urgent care but to be honest I am afraid.  I am afraid of what they will tell me – I am afraid.  It is as plain and simple as that – I am afraid.

2 thoughts on “Memory

  1. I envy you getting to keep your memories… I have washed so many memories of mine away hiding the private me for ever….. I look forward to the day I get to make new memories ones that I can hold on to and not have to hide away one day

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