I Like I Don’t Like

So I live to see another day or at least that is what I told myself when I woke up this morning.  It’s another cloudy, misty, cold day though it really doesn’t matter for I have no intentions of going anywhere – which is totally the wrong attitude for me to have.  Positive thinking – positive thoughts – positive energy –  positive thinking – positive thoughts – positive energy who am I kidding?

As always I am in my usual position, sitting on my usual couch, wrapped in my usual blanket, typing on my usual laptop but this morning I have the local news on the idiot box trying to at least bring myself up to date on what is happening in the world.  Sometimes –  the majority of the time – I am o.k. with not knowing what the fuck is happening in the rest of the world because it just as depressing as I am.  Waiting patiently for the drugs to kick in so maybe just maybe I will do something today.

So, as I patiently wait for the drugs to kick in I’ve been thinking about what I like and what I don’t like.  Some things are easy and come to mind quickly others took a little longer as I just got toothpaste on my hand (see I don’t like.)

I like ……

  • coffee
  • swearing
  • cigarettes
  • dragonflies
  • my lulu lemon yoga pants
  • big oversized sweaters that I can wrap around myself
  • mother nature
  • spirituality
  • hiking
  • good hair days
  • seltzer water
  • kayaking
  • candles
  • painting
  • the ocean
  • the countryside
  • the mountains
  • when someone else cooks for me
  • sleeping
  • the sun on my face & wind in my hair
  • a good book
  • drugs, drugs and more drugs
  • art
  • when art is created from recycled materials
  • the fact I will try anything once
  • taking photos
  • comfortable shoes
  • music
  • road trips
  • exploring
  • doing something I have never done before
  • random acts of kindness
  • hugs
  • a good kisser
  • holding hands
  • public displays of affection
  • rainy days with nothing to do
  • when someone combs my hair
  • laughter – laughter and more laughter
  • maple, maple, maple – maple sugar, maple candy, maple syrup – maple
  • being alone – sometimes

I don’t like……

  • the word “hate”
  • feeling sick
  • depression
  • fast food
  • the woulda, shoulda, coulda(s)
  • sounds of the city
  • being overwhelmed
  • paper cuts
  • liter
  • when I don’t communicate well
  • organized religion
  • funerals – wakes
  • not having enough time
  • walking up three flights of stairs
  • waking up because I have to pee
  • waking up to an alarm clock
  • cancer
  • when someone is constantly texting or on their phone
  • ignorance
  • octopus but I like squid……..go figure
  • the media
  • people who are rail thin and think they are fat
  • stereotypes
  • being guilty by association
  • when my feet are cold
  • righteousness
  • the feeling of newspaper print or toothpaste when it gets on my hands
  • television-most of it anyway
  • being weak
  • being barefoot except for the beach
  • being alone – sometimes

4 thoughts on “I Like I Don’t Like

  1. i can not fucking believe that you would use the word “fuck” so freeely in your post….frankly I am fucking ofended at the thought of having to read that word in your fucking blog……I am afraid of the ocean but love to kayak on open water lakes…I dislike the wind even though I love flying kites I do however love the sun…..and the warmth that comes with it….My feet are always cold and I hate it. I love to rise with the sun and watch it set and nothing beats falling asleep in a tent around darkthirty….I LOVE BOMBAY AND TONIC…….I miss smoking but would rather keep my wife who dislikes it more than the thought of me not being around…and I think we both know what I call 2000 celebrities at the bottom of the ocean….(a good start)…anyway good day to you Miss Muse…..I am working on a post about my day today…..

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