Wow I am so grateful to be home – clean, warm and snug – wrapped in a blanket in my usual position.  I don’t know if it is the snow or the full moon but people are insane today – including myself.   My normal “Alarm Clock Wednesday” turned into “Alarm Clock Monday” because I did another chick a favor and switched Buddy days with her.  Though I honestly didn’t think I would make it because I have been feeling so shitty but I was up with the moon last night and well I just didn’t think I could take another day inside.  But like I said in the first sentence – so grateful to be home.


Not a cloud in the sky

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky today and it was and still is bitterly cold.  I dragged Buddy to an appointment with the nurse practitioner today and for some reason my blood pressure was high and she wants me to make an appointment with the doctor – didn’t do it – not yet anyway.  I thought that maybe where I was working another day it would give me a chance to switch things up with Buddy and do something different but he was  having none of it.  We did our usual Wednesday routine on a Monday and he was messed up about it – poor guy.  He’ll be even more messed up come Wednesday and so-in-so comes in – again – poor guy.


Untouched by man or beast

I can not shake the chills I have.  Heat turned up plus the space heater shooting right at me – blanket wrapped around me and I am still freezing.  I am sure it has nothing and everything to do with having not taken any illegal drugs in a couple of days.  I know – I know – stopped shaking your head in amazement – the well is dry in several places and it is only a matter of time before the well fills up again.  ‘Tis the season I am told.  Seriously though it is not easy.


Ice ice baby

2 thoughts on “Burrrrrrrrrrrrr

  1. If it makes you feel any better I’m in the deep south, covered by a blanket and freezing my butt off too (and its not even that cold outside). If I knew who you were I’d send you a snuggie lol. I’ve heard they do wonders for keeping warm. 🙂

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