Young Love

I have been up since 3:30 A.M. unable to sleep once again.  I have made a decision that I am venturing out today in hopes of getting my 2-year-old fix.  They paid me a surprise visit on Saturday and I made a promise to a 2-year-old that I would see him today.  Do 2 year olds remember shit like that?  I didn’t think so until his mom Facetime’d me last night and he reminded me.  LOL

Anyway in my business all you have is your word and once that is gone – you have nothing.  And speaking of business less than 2 weeks until the end of my “public me” job.  I know it was the right decision but thinking about it is bumming me out.  It is starting to freak me out a little.

I’ve been really light-headed lately and I am trying my best to keep myself hydrated.  Really no problem in the eating department – the problem is in the making the food to eat.  I received an awesome fruit basket from a business acquaintance this weekend.  I will be eating fruit until the New Year.  The Chief sent me his annual poinsettia which I handed over to my 2-year-old friend’s mother.  Anything in this apartment which requires nurturing usual doesn’t make it with me.

It really is a bad time of year for me – for a lot of people.  Never did like the Christmas season.  The news is filled with tragic stories of people going crazy, shop lifting, robbing stores, stealing packages off people’s porches, holding their families hostage, fires destroying entire homes – and this is just in the City I live.  I am looking forward until it is over.  It’s sad……………really.

So, now that it is almost 6:00 A.M. and around the time I might normally be getting up I want nothing more than to go back to bed – figures.  Instead I am going to pack up a little day bag with my favorite drinks, IPad and an extra big comfy sweater that I can wrap around myself and spend the day with an incredibly handsome 2-year-old that has me wrapped around his tiny fingers.  Never before – in my entire life – has a man had such a hold on me.





2 thoughts on “Young Love

  1. Sounds like a good choice of a man to pick, if you are going to pick one. I hope your day is fulfilling.

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