I’m Still Here……………….

I’m still here…………..freshly showered in my new Victoria Secret pajamas thanks to Mini Me’s sister whom I have yet to come up with a cute pseudonym for.  I just assumed my normal couch position as I wait for my soup to heat up.

I still don’t feel normal but then again I do not know what “normal” feels like.  I haven’t done much of anything for what feels like forever and I just realized today that the New Year will start on Wednesday.  It is my hope to be  working with Buddy on Wednesday – no plans for me tomorrow night.  I am sure I will be watching the back of my eyelids when the majority of the world is ringing in the New Year.

I have 10 voice mails on my cell phone and an unknown number of messages on my house phone.  When I am officially no longer working at the “public me” job the house phone will get disconnected.  I have been avoiding everything and everyone – Yup, even SEH – I’m good at that.

Absolutely nothing positive to say – absolutely nothing negative to say – I am Switzerland – neutral.


6 thoughts on “I’m Still Here……………….

  1. About fucking time. …. We shall have no more of the missing person shit going on. …. Did that sounds Stern enough, lol glad to see your words. I missed Muse. ….. Maybe just a like or a photo no text anything. …… lol aside from all the Bullshit, I see you.

  2. Glad you are feeling better and posting 🙂 No better way to bring in the new year than sleeping 😉 Since you haven’t mentioned SEH in a long while just curious. Have you seen him or spoke with him about anything? How is he taking the avoidance and quitting your job? Dang woman, you’re leaving us hanging here. :p

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