Shade and Sweetwater

For you………………do you know who you are?  You told me if I couldn’t post that maybe a photo or two would do so I post these photos for you.  Photos I took today – photos I took today because I felt well enough to spend the day with Buddy and go for a cold mind clearing hike.  Photos I post for you because I want you to know you are worth it…………………you do a good job damn it.  You are a good person damn it.  If I need to swear some more to get my fuckin’ point across I will ………… YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON AND DO A GOOD JOB DAMN IT.


Deer ?


Not bad hiking


A little slippery hiking


Wood chunks with ice crystals

8 thoughts on “Shade and Sweetwater

  1. I really needed those kind words you couldn’timagine my pain and anger today. I feel totally lost and comcompletely alone. Thank you my friend, Little Miss Muse. And thanks for the complement by the way

    • If I could of slipped my hand through the monitor I would of slapped some sense into you………..all kidding aside Mr. Sweetwater please do this HotMess a favor and give yourself a pat on the back. Better yet put both arms around yourself and give yourself a hug from me.

    • We are currently in the middle of a pretty bad snow storm now. Suppose to last a couple days and we should get about 15 inches of new snow by the storms end.

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