My Heart is Light

For the third night in a row I have slept for over 10 hours – close to 11 – solidly.  I believe sleep is a form of healing vapors to the soul.  When we sleep well our body, mind and spirit are rejuvenating – healing itself – taking care of itself.  My body must be needing it.  But my dreams have been messed up – weird – yet I am having a hard time remembering them.  Some days my energy is terrific and I get a lot accomplished and some days my body is having none of it and wants nothing more than to hold up on the couch.  I am learning to listen to my body.

Yesterday was down right tropical around here with temperatures in the 50’s and I took advantage of it by running some errands.  I also took advantage of those outrageous after Christmas sales and picked up some things to keep me busy (as if I am not busy enough) like a couple of dirt cheap 75% off trays that I either plan on painting or maybe a form of mosaic or photo montage type thing on.  Today we are back to our wintry chill with a high of 18 degrees.  I think I will just hang out in my apartment oasis today and continue with the memory boxes.  And it really is becoming my oasis – I have been making it that for some time and it’s coming together nicely.  The spare room still needs a lot of work but I am slowly but surely getting there.  I wanted to drive to the ocean today at low tide to troll the shores for some great finds which is one of my favorite things to do but I just couldn’t get my act together soon enough this morning and low tide came and went without me.  Roaming the shores in the dead of winter is awesome because there aren’t too many people who are willing to brave the cold therefore you can find some pretty awesome things like sea glass and driftwood in odd shapes along with those ever-present stones so smooth from years of being turned in the ocean (they are great for painting.)

A light-hearted post today for that is how I am feeling.  Only the powers that be know how I will be feeling tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “My Heart is Light

  1. I wish I could get half that much sleep. Insomnia, one of the most awful disorders there is. Sounds like you had a wonderful day yesterday, wishing you more today…:)

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