Yup woke up to live another day.  Usual position minus the coffee plus a diet coke.  I had a rough day yesterday with a headache that just wouldn’t go away.  Ended up taking a lot of drugs, putting an ice pack on my head and going to bed very early.   Slept close to 12 hours and glad to say the headache is no longer there.   YAY.

Had a great interview – if you want to call it that – more like a lunch date with an acquaintance on Thursday.  I had already made up my mind about a couple of things prior to the meeting and great minds think alike Mr. Sweetwater as I told her I just had my “public me” phone shut off on Monday and here it is Thursday with a job offer I just can’t refuse but I really need more time to myself – time to regroup – time to regenerate – time to relax.  She agreed and I told her I would call her soon with a start date which I think will be about a month or so away.  Plus I have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and I want to run it by him – illegal drugs and all.  This will also leave me with time to figure out what I will do about the illegal drugs in my system.   I am not too worried about it as much as I was the other day – life is too short – I got bigger things I can worry about.

I love oatmeal – did I tell you that?  I love old black & white movies.  Nothing like a Sunday eating oatmeal and watching an old black & white movie.  I know – I know – sounds darn right pathetic but that is what I what I am doing.  I think I would be happy just living out the rest of my life eating oatmeal and watching old black & white movies.

Was considering a beach walk today but low tide is late this afternoon and close to sunset – another day.  Happy Sunday blog world.  Whatever you may be doing – may it bring you happiness – may it be something you want to do and not something you have to do.


5 thoughts on “Oatmeal

  1. This made me smile. I’m glad that you are getting time to yourself and relaxing, regenerating. If you ever need a freaking good cry watch Imitation of Life with Sandra Dee. Its a tear jerker but such a great old movie. I like Dorris Day and anything John Wayne. The Man Who Knew Too Much was made in 1956 and I think its in both in color and bw. Its a great movie too. You’d never know by my movie choices I’m 29 lol. My mom taught me right 😉 Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. John McCanns steel cut oats (Irish Oatmeal) simmered for a long long time, some vanilla, a little brown sugar and heavy cream…….A warm blanket, fresh brisk air and fesh hot 100% blue mountain coffee.. A great way to start the morning, afraid I would have to skip the black and whites in favor of something a little more modern 🙂 maybe some scifi…. Good to see you around Lil Muse.

  3. I’m glad things seem to be looking up. Not only are you blessed to have a job offer, but it sounds like they are more than happy to wait for you to get everything else sorted out. That’s a great deal!

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