Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind


My walking sticks in various states of dress.

It’s a cloudy, cold, chance of snow type day and as always I am in my usual position – still in my pjs – sipping on a seltzer water and looking for motivation.  I have none.  It is almost noon on a Saturday and I haven’t done a productive thing since I got out of bed at 7:30 this morning.  Lately I have been feeling like I am just existing not living and I don’t like that feeling.  I need to do something that makes me feel like I am living.

Like my walking sticks that sit in various stages of dress as I refer to it – I too feel like I am in various states of dress.  I want to go out but the cold is getting to me.  I want to stick my face in the sun but it is cloudy.  I want to paint but my wrist are killing me.  I think you get the picture.


Yup that’s me kayaking with the BFF the summer before last.

I guess you could say I am not myself.  Nope – not feeling like myself at all.  I need another attitude adjustment.  Oh fucking well…………………..what’s a gal to do.

4 thoughts on “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

  1. Winter has a way of doing this too me. It’s just too cold to do anything outside. It has a way og zapping all the energy from me. Hope you feel more like yourself soon.

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