The Cast of Characters

This is a true story.  All characters are 100% real.  The names have been changed to protect the innocent or in some cases to protect the guilty.

Hot Mess = Me

SEH = Someone Else’s Husband, public figure, well-known in the community and the man with whom I have been having an affair with for over a decade.

BFF = Friend who knows more about me than anyone else.  She is the only one who knows about my affair with SEH.  (Currently BFF & I do not have a relationship.  Due to the nature of my current work I did not have the time to nurture our friendship and this hurts her.  I have apologized and asked for forgiveness  – she has chosen not to let me back in her life.)

Buddy = The severely mentally challenged man whom I have been spending every Wednesday with for the past 6 and half years.

KK = my late sister.

South Shore Friends or SSF = Friend, party animal, loud but would have my back no matter what.

Mini Me = closet thing to a daughter.

The Chief = The man, public figure, very well-known and going places.


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